Step Owner                            Task description

  1. GM             identification of key work processes
  2. COO           describe what is part of the survey (and not)
  3. COO           determine the complexity of the work processes (questionnaire or structured interviews)
  4. CFO           note the economic value added by each process
  5. CFO           note all other indicators
  6. HRD           review questionnaires for non objection
  7. HRD           identify managers and teams ; gather e-mail addresses
  8. HRD           involve management and lead communication
  9. RC&S        dispatch questionnaires
  10. Employees respond
  11. RC&S        gather responses
  12. RC&S        process responses for coherence
  13. RC&S        prepare and interpret diagrams
  14. RC&S        design rough action plans
  15. RC&S        present conclusions to top management
  16. RC&S        present conclusions to employees
  17. RC&S        finalize action plans with top management
  18. RC&S        implement recommandations with top management
  19. CFO           monitor outcome with indicators


Deliverables of a standard survey

  • Diagrams for follow up
  • Suggestions for action
  • Present conclusions to top management
  • Present conclusions to employees
  • To finalize concise action plans has to be done with managers. It goes into details and the consulting time is invoiced separately
  • To implement recommanded activities: out of the 400 we have in our library, we master some 50. All others must be conducted by management or by other professionals (for instance organizing a show).

Approximate cost

Single location with 100 people and 2 or 3 processes:               5’000 €, 3 weeks

Single location with 1000 people and 3 to 5 processes:            10’000 €, 3 weeks

20 locations, 10’000 people, 20 processes:                          100’000 €, 3 months


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