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The purpose of Rene’s speeches is to rise awareness on the impact mindset has on performance.
Depending of the industry and the public, this topic can be:

For businessmen, CEOs, COOs, Chief Risk Officers, CFOs, HRD

  1. Organizational Agility, how to install a Learning Organization?
  2. Preventable but unpredictable. How to prepare?
  3. Anticipating performance and poor performance
  4. What governs succeeding with projects? What to care for?
  5. What can be done about mindset impacting KM projects?
  6. How Mindset impacts Productivity, Quality and Safety, and so what?
  7. From Creativity to Innovation
  8. Psychosocial Risk and its Cost
  9. Acquiring safely: reducing the Psychosocial Risk
  10. Should one integrate acquisitions ?
  11. Measuring managerial performance
  12. Locating the source of Poor Performance and addressing it
  13. Leading a company integration, leading Change

For consultants and R&D professionals

How to quantify the cost of mistrust?
How to define mindset and map it on a 64 position map?
How to link mindset to performance?