Resolve consist in classification of all activities that can be performed by managers or organised by them and run by trainers, consultants and other professionals. These activities (thousands) are classified by their impact on mindset. So far we have 400 in our tool kit, including the major 50. Our map for mindsets has 64 positions. The diagnosis we run displays the gap between the actual position of mindset and its target for best performance. This gap is fed into “Resolve” and the outcome is a list of priority actions sequenced for smooth progress of mindset.

As an example for the 400 activities, we introduce three of them below:

1 Alignment workshop “Palo Alto”

6 to 12 individuals
3 consecutive days
Starting situation: disagreement, confusion of fear
Target: alignment on the problem and on the solution
Approach: collaborative interaction.
Can be run in English, French or German.

This approach is not always possible. We may have to stop the process during the second day if the culture of the group is too much defensive.

2 The Emerging Change

6 to 12 individuals
3 consecutive days
The Emerging Change is a systemic model used by individuals and groups to manage change towards professional excellence.

Based on authenticity, autonomy and integrity, this approach allows the organisations to create a permanent and constructive dialogue between
the Planned Change – the leader, responsible of the system performance in the Environment – and
the Emerging Change – the team members who carry on the Activity and whose identity lies in their love for the job.
More info here.

Can be conducted in English, Italian or French.
It has been performed in Russian, Hungarian and Chinese with the help of translators.

3 Coaching

One on one, 10 sessions or with teams, 6 to 12 sessions.
Crisis: sessions are close together
No crisis: one session every three weeks
Can be conducted in English, Italian, German or French.